Covid-19 Safety Guidelines & Booking Form

Following Government and PHE announcements and guidelines, we aim to re-open our doors to the public on Tuesday 16th June at 10am. This will be by appointment and also with specific social distancing and safety measures in place:

    This is for our safety and yours. Our family consists of an adult in an at risk/vulnerable group and a young child and we want to keep them safe and well, by reducing the risk of potential virus transmission. We also want to keep you, our customers safe, so allowing only 1 person in at a time, reduces the risk of transmission and also allows us to control the surfaces and items you come into contact with.
    Again, this is for the safety of all of us. We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers in the main front porch and also in the gallery. It is alcohol free, so kind to sensitive skin! Please use as much and as often as you would like.
    We strongly recommend the use of face masks when visiting the gallery. Unfortunately we do not have enough space to fully implement social distancing of 2 metres, so the addition of wearing masks will give extra piece of mind and protection.
    To reduce the amount of contact with surfaces and items that could aid the transmission of Covid-19, we ask that you do not touch the frame samples or items for sale that are on display. Don’t worry though, we will retrieve any samples or items you wish to look at. This way, we can control the number of samples that get touched and this will help with the cleaning process at the end of your appointment.
    We have created an appointment booking system, available on our website as well as over the phone. Your appointment will be a maximum of 20 minutes long, within a half hour slot. We feel that this should give you enough time to look at samples and make a decision regarding frames styles, mount etc. We are happy to book you into multiple slots (a maximum of 2) should you feel you might need more time. The ten minutes at the end of your appointment ensures that we can carefully clean surfaces and samples ready for the next customer.

Appointments are available every half hour and will last 20 minutes to allow us time to clean after your visit.

If you need a longer appointment please only book a maximum of 2 consecutive appointments.

This will last 50 minutes as we require time to carefully clean ready for the next appointment.

We may cancel any additional appointments if you book more than two.

Please provide your name, contact telephone number and email address, should we need to contact you.

The appointment confirmation will be emailed to you, so please check it is correct before submitting your appointment request.

Contactless payments.

We are encouraging contactless payments to help reduce the risk of potential virus transmission. To help, the contactless limit on our card machine has been temporarily raised from £30 to £45 during the pandemic.

We do find that for most of our work, this limit is still not enough, so we do encourage you to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch if you have one as we have not imposed a limit on this like other stores.

Please don’t worry if we need to use the normal card machine as there will be hand sanitiser available in store.

We really appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone, following the above measures that we have put in place, will help both you and ourselves to stay safe during this unprecedented, unpredictable pandemic.

We hope that you will agree to the steps we are asking you to follow and that you will continue to support small local businesses.

Thank you for your help, patience and custom during this time, it’s greatly appreciated.


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